Custom command trigger?

Right now, when you type / in Logseq, the command palette shows up beneath it like this:

I’d like to have a way to customize that trigger to a different character. Specifically, I want to set it to \, since it’s a less commonly used character in day-to-day writing, though I imagine others might want to set it to something else.

Would the team accept a PR that allows users to customize this from the settings panel?

+1 This would be so awesome. I use a literal / in my writing all the time, but rarely or ever use the slash commend pallet, and it’s annoying having it pop up all the time. Would love to reassign to \ or something else! Great suggestion.

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Yes, for sure, we want it too
Sorry, copied to a wrong thread, I meant Doc Mode on a per-bullet basis? - #2 by tienson.

Adding a configuration option to customize this should be fine, but I’m not sure whether we should enable it on the settings panel. Because we’re not sure yet how many people want this.

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Sounds good. Would you prefer it just be defined in config.edn for now?

Also I’m thinking of calling it :command-trigger, but I don’t love the name since it can be mixed up with other command triggers (e.g. the command palette that opens with cmdshiftP). Does anyone have other suggestions?

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Yes, config.edn should be fine, we don’t have a proper solution yet for global configuration that works on all the platforms (desktop, web, mobile apps).

How about :editor/command-trigger?

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Thanks for the suggestion!
PR here:

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