Custom.css not making any changes

Is there a config for activating custom.css? I have tried several themes and installing them as a plugin works. But installing themes through custom.css does nothing. I reload and restart every time I make a change. Also if I install a theme and want to make some setting changes (in custom.css) according the respective theme, does not work. Does not seem like Logseq does anything with custom.css. What am I missing?

Logseq does use custom.css if it exists in <graph>/logseq/custom.css
It is possible that your custom.css is invalid.
Can you test by backing up your current custom.css and replacing it with this one:

/* Set theme to dev theme */
@import url("");

This will import the logseq Dev theme and make it your “default” theme.
Make sure you have the default theme selected for your graph

On latest version 0.5.1 (next version) you will be able to edit custom.css from logseq settings

Cheers. So putting the @import into custom.css worked and imported that css. I then found the theme I was looking at and copied all of the css into my custom.css file, and that also worked.

However, your 0.5.1 settings is different from mine:

Awesome!. Glad it worked out.
Yeah, my bad. I forgot that this didn’t ship yet. It will be available in the next release!