Custom rendering plugins?

Hi, guys.

I’m very new to this PKB / Digital Gardening thing, but I gotta say I’m loving every minute of it. And logseq in particular is scratching a few itches I’ve had for so long, so thanks for that.

On to my question: does anyone know if it’s feasible to write a plugin that will render a block with a different renderer?

I’d like to render stuff like music notation (ABC, Lilypad, something like that), and other kinds of languages that render differently. I understand we’re dealing with markdown / org mode here, but we have stuff like LaTeX, Excalidraw, youtube embeds and the like, it feels like it would be possible.

I appreciate any thoughts on this.


I was thinking along similar lines. I like the idea of a custom renderer, but I would suggest it as a page-level (rather than block-level) renderer as it already seems possible to create component (sub-UIs on a page) renderers via plugins.

I’m actually finishing up an ABC renderer today (if I don’t get distracted).

The main limitation I’m running into is that it won’t rerender until the block loses focus, which can be a pain. So I’m hopefully tackling that today and figuring out how to publish it.

If you want lilypad, I could probably put that into this plugin too.

For other formats, I’m sure we can get them going. Next on my list is getting audio files to render in a player.

Alright, it’s published! Check out the marketplace to download, and happy writing!