Custom rotation of labels

It would be great if we could create our own set of labels with different rotation rules. For example, I am editing some submissions, and it would be great to rotate between the following states: PROPOSAL RECEIVED > PROPOSAL UNDER REVIEW > ARTICLE COMMISSIONED > ARTICLE RECEIVED > ARTICLE UNDER REVIEW > ARTICLE ACCEPTED. This would work similarly to Kanban board, except I think it would be more intuitive (and within logseq, good Kanban implementation is still a long way off). NB one could even have branching in this path, e.g. the third step could also be PROPOSAL REJECTED. One could have a system whereby the state automatically moves on except when there is a branch - in this case, both options would be shown. JSON could possibly be used for this, or a GUI could be created.

This would also be great if people wished to adapt task states, e.g. one could add a state called BACKBURNER. (NB there seem to be a number of posts around allowing for more bespoke task states).

I believe that all these options should be outside the code, including the query output template, being part of the graph as a editable block.

The same with the macros, remove them from the configuration file and make them part of the graph. On the other hand, being able to define possible values ​​for a property together with what I mentioned above, would make it possible to customize according to the needs of each usecase, without the need to make feature requests.