Custom "Scheduled and Deadlines" queries

It would be great if (defn get-date-scheduled-or-deadlines were overrideable by config.edn. It might suffice if it could be turned off in config.edn, because config.edn already supports an arbitrary list of queries for the journal page

If I understand you correctly OP, this would mean having Scheduled and Deadline treated more like the default “Now” and “Next” Queries, correct?

If so, I’m all for it! I don’t mind having a scheduled and deadline query, but I would at least like the ability to decide whether or not it is collapsed by default.

It is possible to override default-queries which will add what you want to the top of the journals page. It won’t, however, drop the “Scheduled and Deadlines” portion. I’m not sure why the config.edn allows the default queries to be overridden without it actually replacing “Scheduled and Deadlines.” See the next post.

:default-queries {:journals ...}

This is done, and was available a while ago:
:feature/disable-scheduled-and-deadline-query? true

Thank you, devs!