Daily Re-index to Keep TODO in Sync Between Devices

I use my iPhone, iPad and Mac to create TODOs through out the day. Everything stays in sync throughout the day as I add and check things off. When the next day turns over, I noticed that my queries for Scheduled and Overdue are suddenly out of sync between devices and I have to re-index on all devices to get them back into sync. I’ve checked the underlying .md files and I can see the iCloud has done its job of syncing the files but the index has gotten out of whack for some reason.

Daily re-indexing solves the problem for now but its still friction and it would be great if that didn’t happen.

Just an FYI… This also happens on the Windows platform (which I happen to use) on a regular basis, even on local drive (non sync’d) installations. I’ve been working with another Mac user (who has these issues as well) and we are trying to gather data to determine a root cause. Until then, doing the “periodic re-index” is the best method for being able to keep things working.

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