Daily template is no longer working since upgrade (0.6.7)

Since upgrading my daily template does not automatically appear. The config.edn file which specifies the template has not changed:

{:journals “Daily”}

I can generate the template with a few key presses, but it would be good to get it back to its old behaviour.

(NB I have just rebuilt the search index, and will see if this has any effect tomorrow).

I am seeing the same. Nothing has changed, and the daily template is still available, but it doesn’t get automatically inserted into my journal every day.

Which made me think: I would prefer to only have it appear on work days, skipping the weekends. Maybe that would be a nice feature to implement? Totally ‘nice to have’, of course, nothing I couldn’t live without :-).


Thanks for confirming - so this does seem to be a bug. I have just submitted it as an issue.

Regarding different daily templates this would be great. Apparently smartblocks can do this, but is slightly complex to confiture (GitHub - sawhney17/logseq-smartblocks)

I’m not smart enough to use smart blocks - maybe someone can make stupid blocks for simple folk like me? :slight_smile:


I am in the same situation!

How do you insert it in logseq? thank you