Dark theme by default

Hi everyone, every time I start Loqseq it opens with light theme, and I have to press “tt” to switch to dark theme.
How do I set dark theme by default?
I’m on Fedora 37 and I use flatpak version.



Hi guys, how to set the dark theme in config.edn?

Tried selecting dark mode in Settings → General?

Yes, but it doesn’t keep the settings

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I’m having the same issue under the linux flatpak. Setting change for theme doesn’t seem to stick and keeps reverting to the “DEAR GOD MY EYES” mode.

+1 here, linux appimage

Same here on Windows. Trying again at 0.9.8 after uninstalling at 0.9.1 feeling more alpha than beta.
Would great to be able to just start and use instead of having to go into settings every time.

Having the same problem, Linux, flatpak… No news about a solution to this? What should be the entry in the config.edn file for dark/light theme?

I use a theme that only has a dark mode and it sticks for me. If I choose a theme that has both supported it reverts. hmm.

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I have just started using logseq (2 days) and needed the dark theme to save the eyes. Unfortunately I don’t like the colours of the themes with high download counts.

It is hard enough to learn how to use logseq without having to rewrite a theme first!

Same here, linux appimage.

Solution as workaround:

The theme mode will persist if you set a theme after changing theme mode. It is very likely a valid bug.