Dashboard to show task per project


Here is my use case:
In my journal entries, I input my todos like this:

  • [[Project 1]]
    • blabla
    • TODO some task
  • [[Project 2]]
    • some comments on the project
    • TODO another task
  • [[Project 3]]
    • some notes
    • TODO something else

I would like to create a Task management page where I put my main projects and their tasks, and all other tasks from other projects. In my case, let’s imagine the main projects are Project 1 and Project 2, I would like to see:

Task Management

  • [[Project 1]]
    • TODO some task
  • [[Project 2]]
    • TODO another task
  • Others:
    • TODO something else

So far, I manually put those queries:

[[Project 1]]
{{query (and (todo now doing) [[Project 1]] )}}
[[Project 2]]
{{query (and (todo now doing) [[Project 2]] )}}

But I struggle to create a query which catch all the other tasks (i.e. not in Project 1 or 2).

Any idea of improvement? Maybe with advanced queries?

Maybe you can try this wonderful plugin…

Thanks for the suggestion.
However it does not answer my need to see in a page TODOs per project (tag) for a few important projects I choose, and then TODOs for all other tags.

Hi Eric,

I recreated your situation and I find that it needs corrections. To query TODOs from Project 1 and 2 these are my commands:

- {{query (and (task todo now doing) [[Project 1]] )}}
- {{query (and (task todo now doing) [[Project 2]] )}}

You need to write task before todo/now/doing.

And then about querying Others we can do this way:

- {{query (and (task todo now doing) (not [[Project 1]]) (not [[Project 2]])  ) }}

This query has a simple logic: query all TODO/NOW/DOING except for Project 1 and Project 2.

TODO/NOW/DOING not project 1 AND not project 2 == TODO/NOW/DOING others

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