Data file location?

Hello everyone,

I found myself casually experimenting with the software following a recommendation from an online source. I proceeded to install it on my Windows apparatus, taking the time to configure its designated data storage location.

After a lapse of a few days, I regrettably found myself in a predicament – I had entirely forgotten the specific directory to which I had directed the software to store its data. Despite conducting a thorough search in logseq configuration files, relevant directories, and even the registry, my efforts were in vain. The sole mention of the data directory was unearthed in the main.log file located at:


In the following manner:

[2023-11-08 20:29:21.739] [debug] :electron.handler/open-dir {:path "D:/data/logSeq"}

I am now eager to discern where this information is stored. When Logseq initializes, which file does it consult to ascertain the location of the data files?