Data loss after re-indexing

I created some pages using hierarchy syntax (/), and did re-index. After that, some of my new pages got lost.

I managed to recreate this error. It happens for empty pages (without content). So, if I create an empty page, it will be lost if no content has been added to it prior to re-indexing.

Empty pages are not created or saved. This has been by design. Are you sure that something is actually lost?

I updated my second answer. Empty pages that are referenced, are not deleted, only empty and unreferenced.

No data is lost, just pages. Sometimes I create hierarchy of pages, which is data to me, so losing that is an issue, but not a major one. I will have in mind this design when creating such pages in the future. Thanks

If a page serves more than being a candidate term, it is advisable to add some content to it, like (and optionally):

  • strict definition
  • free-text description
  • reason of / justification for existence
  • usage expectations/assumptions

Some benefits:

  • Such content becomes available in other pages through hovering on a reference of that page.
    • That can be considerably helpful as the graph keeps growing.
  • Can prevent the creation of redundant terms or at least easily detect them.
    • Such terms should normally be merged or at least linked to each-other.
      • That can prevent some info from being hidden in the shadow of similar info.