Data loss in pdf annotation page (likely because of sync) + page restore not working


today I found that a pdf annotation page somehow reverted to a state from several days ago (i.e. I lost more data than just the changes made yesterday. Since in the page history log, the loss coincides with the time I used sync today, I assume that was the cause. Interestingly enough, the highlights in the pdf itself remained, it’s the corresponding reference blocks + blocks with my own notes that disappeared.

I tried to recover the version from yesterday evening, but when I click “Restore”, Logseq just freezes, CPU usage by Logseq shown by the activity monitor goes to 95% and my Mac becomes very loud (I’d say it’s the fan, but I don’t think it has one).

Luckily I could just copy-paste the text from the older version and restore it this way, even though the block IDs are now different of course.