Data Loss on First Day! Not Good

New to Logseq. I tried it for couple of hours yesterday, editing a markdown file I have in my Zettelkasten. I normally use Obsidian. Local files only. I was testing if both apps could edit the same file. At one point Obsidian stopped showing the editing I was doing on Logseq. All I remember is noticing “collapsed:: true” being added twice on the Obsidian file. It didn’t capture my edits because I don’t have outline enabled in Obsidian?

But I continued to edit the file on Logseq, thinking it would update later (my mistake). This morning, I was naive enough to edit the file on Obsidian and guess what: I lost all the editing I had done on Logseq. That is, the early file in Obsidian overwrote the new! How can I use Time Machine to recover? The bak files on Logseq are not updated either.

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Logseq will read the latest files from the disk and overwrite the existing content in Logseq.
Check the logseq/bak folder to check whether your updates are there.

You can also find the content if you have auto git commit enabled.

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I worked on a Logseq md file for hours and apparently my data was stored as temporary. I say this because finder only registered the modified time as 3:00 pm and I worked on the file until 6 pm! The backup bak folder also says 3 pm. Something is messed up. I checked no git comit. Now it’s set to on.