Data loss on my very first real journal entry

iCloud sync led to data loss on a journal entry I edited on my iPhone and iPad a few hours apart. Started on my iPad, later on added a bullet on phone, then when I went to look again on iPad the bullet was gone. Went back to phone and saw it there for a split second before it vanished.

This was the first time I tried to use LogSeq for real, keeping track of my daily thoughts and activities. My confidence is hanging on by a thread at this point. Is this problem understood? Is there a plan to address it? Is there a reliable workaround or solution?

Based on unreliable data, here is the current:

  • reliability score of:
    • Logseq without sync: 99.84%
    • Sync with one instance open at a time: 96%
    • Sync with multiple instances open: 0.8%
      • This is your case.
  • hope for sync: coming database version
  • trend among users needing sync: third-party sync solutions
    • Search in the forums for a variety of them.

Thanks for replying. In that case, given that iOS is not a system where “having an instance open” is a well-defined thing, why is there an “iCloud Sync” switch at all for new users to naively turn on? Shouldn’t there be a prominent warning if you do turn it on?

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