Dataloss: application moved data from vault #2 to vault #1, journals are gone

Unfortunately, that’s enough for me now too. Synchronisation with the mobile phone never really works, something is always overwritten. But now I have the case, although I have only cleaned up the bak/versioned files in one vault, because some files still had “wrong” file names, that another vault has imported the journal entries into my main vault. I have no idea why this should even be possible. But basically I have now lost my journal entries and only those from Vault #2 in Vault #1.

I will cancel the synchronisation today. Unfortunately Logseq isn’t getting any better, I’ve been watching for too long. As much as I’d rather have an outliner, I guess I’ll have to make friends with Obsidian again…

And don’t come at me with multiple instances open at the same time. 1 was open, I haven’t logged in on mobile for a while because it doesn’t work anyway (even if the desktop application isn’t open)