"Date and time" of blocks are gone and removed from Journals, when the blocks are reorganzied in pages


First I do really like this app.

UI is easy, and “block” based organization of information is very unique.

Having “Journal” section is a great idea, definitely makes taking notes much smoother.

But I find strange how a block’s “association” with date and time disappears when you move the block into a page’s hierarchy.

You write down some idea on the Journals with a “tag” / page, with [[page]] at the end.

Then later, you go to that specific page to place the new block into hierarchy made up of existing blocks on the page, to further build / develop that page.

Then date and time of the block is just gone from the page, and the block now disappeared from the Journals, losing a “link”.

Date and time is essential “tag” on any journal. Also it can be very useful tagged information in “pages” and other ways.

Right now, it seems like blocks written in the “Journals” are not meeting their full potential.

Though I guess it is possible to tag date and time manually, obviously it is not very ideal.

Can anyone tell if it is just how it is or I’m not doing it right?