Date format confusion

Hi, new Logseq user here!
I am confused about the date formats. I find three different

  1. The journal files get the filename “2021_08_22”. I Have this string in config.edn (1:st line): :journal/file-name-format “yyyy-MM-dd”
    but it does not change anything.
  2. Then when I reference a date I need to enter “Aug 22nd, 2001”. “2021-08-22” or “2021_08_22” does not work.
  3. Then in the date picker for /sceduled the string is “2021-08-22 Sun”. And clicking on that date change nothing.

So three different date formats? I would like file names and date strings to be “YYYY-MM-DD” (ISO). Then if the program renders it as “Aug 22 2021 Sunday” it is fine.

Date formats can be chosen both in the meny and as texts in the .edn files, but no description of what it affects?

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Something like this happened to me, turned out to be a problem with my config.edn file which was corrupted by an extra } somewhere.

Hi, thanks for helping out!
I have checked that now. only one opening and one closing curly. Moved the string inside the brackets. Still not working.

I know this is an old post, but have you figured it out?

I’m using that same setting and everything works, but at first I didn’t realize that I’d have to reindex.


Yes, suddenly all the files got the correct format. I think a restart or reindex did it.
I still dont know how to format the date in the headers in the journal without destroying something.

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