Date format dd.MM.yyyy gone from settings?

The date format dd.MM.yyyy is gone from the settings in 0.9.1, on i(Pad)OS and macOS. Why?

(On the Mac) I cannot even set this in the config file. It just gets changed back. I could swear it used to be in the menu. And it should—it’s a common date formate in larger parts of Europe.

Also I could live with EEEE, dd.MM.yyyy, too, if only Logseq would respect the language settings and not show the EEEE part always in English.

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Update: At least with 0.9.3 on the Mac I seem to have managed to change the date format as desired via config.edn.

Support for dd.MM.yyyy was dropped. detailed here: fix: some date related issues by cnrpman · Pull Request #7059 · logseq/logseq · GitHub

Huh. Thanks for the link.

That’s … quite something to drop.

If Logseq only didn’t show the weekdays in similar, longer date formats always in English instead of the language selected in settings.

Bummer. Not a small one. :confounded:

Argh. 11 months old … Translate Dates · Issue #5421 · logseq/logseq · GitHub

yeah, they said “temporarily” dropped, but it’s not much to pin hope on. there’s so much on their plate. x_x

As this is not a bug but a “temporary” lack of feature or a “known issue”, I’m closing this thread :slight_smile:
If you want to ask for this feature, feel free to start a new post in the Feature Requests - Logseq section.