Deactivate popup preview when hovering over Logseq page-links/tags

What looks like a cool feature at first glance turns out to be a constant annoyance in practice. This may be due to how I use Logseq (task management) and how often one uses queries, page links and tags.

This preview popup appears in the most inconvenient situations and obscures the page content. For example, when scrolling through pages every time the cursor lands over a link.

This is especially problematic when there are many page links and tags, such as in queries that output my tasks (such lists consist almost exclusively of page links and tasks).

Unfortunately, not a day goes by that I don’t get annoyed by these pop-ups.

Perhaps it would be enough to improve the timing or only display the pop-ups when no other activities such as “scrolling”, “mouse movements” or “buttons” are active.

Or perhaps the simplest solution would be to make the feature deactivatable.

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Hi, you can disable the pop up. In settings there is an option. I can’t remember exactly the name of it but it is one of the toggle on/off options. Hope this helps


Setting is “Enable tooltips”

I think I’ve tried this setting in the past and it didn’t do the trick back then and I thought it does something different.

Anyway, it works now - thanks for the advice :blush:


Hopefully it can be set to “Cmd + Hover” mode of operation.

Moved to questions and help in case other people encounter something similar.