Default journal template (in config) incorrectly generated when template-including-parent:: false

Hey Team,

I decided to try adding a default template for journals via config.edn, but it seems to not generate correctly when template-including-parent = false. It seems to disregard mess up the block hierarchy, and, furthermore, seems to pull blocks that are outside of the template block.

My use case:

In config.edn:

In my templates page:

When generated in my daily journal:

Expected behaviour:

  • Don’t include the block with tags in it, as it is not nested under Daily Routine.
  • Don’t include the Daily Routine level of the block hierarchy, as template-including-parent:: false.

Hope this helps.

I’m experiencing the exact same behaviour here with 0.4.9 and I hope for it to be fixed soon.

You should open a GitHub issue for this bug

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I belive this bug was resolved. Can anyone confirm?