Define "open-blocks-level" at a page level

For context this is the existing feature I am referring too:

Logseq gives us the ability to change the default behavior which controls how many blocks are expanded in the reference panel when opening a page, but in some cases I have found a need to change this behavior for only a select number of pages.

I would like to propose a feature request to add a page level setting that would control how many blocks are expanded when opening a page. This can be a page-property key that’s defined in the page like so:

filters:: {}
open-blocks-level:: 4

Let’s say you have a default-open-blocks-level setting of “2”. When opening this page, Logseq would read the property key open-blocks-level and value of 4 and expand up to 4 levels deep instead of the default 2. Any other page that does not contain this property-key would result in using the default value of 2.

Defining at query level would also be nice.

For example I have a query “Last updated blocks”. It shows what blocks have been edited recently - unfortunately including its inner blocks, which haven’t changed. It would be useful to restrict this query to an open-blocks-level of 1.

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