Delays on application distribution

I’ve been an arch/manjaro user for quite some time. I had installed logseq using the Arch User Repository (logseq-desktop-bin). But I started using the flatpak version (com.logseq.Logseq) because the aur version sometimes took up to a week to update. The flatpak version works flawlessly, but it also takes some days to update.

In my opinion, making sure that the flatpak version builds correctly should be a part of the CI pipeline, and it should be a requisite for releasing a new version.

What are y’all using to install/update logseq on Linux?

Thank you for helping with the Flatpak release. Except this time, I usually get the Flatpak update after a day.

In my opinion Logseq should discourage the use of AppImage for normal users, use Flatpak (eventually FlatHub) as the official way to install Logseq on Linux (since Flatpak is basically the Freedesktop official platform for third-party apps like Logseq) and be sure a new release builds as Flatpak and ideally is shipped by FlatHub just after the release announcement.

Yes, investigating building my own flatpack release I realized that it already is automatically compiled. But sometimes systems fail. Perhaps the “nightly” versions should also be on Flatpak to check any CI problems before the official releases.

I also realized how tightly Flatpak is integrated into Manjaro. Appimages are fine to run, but not so easy to install. I’m using it for almost everything that is not on the official repos now.

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