Delete a Tag using a Shortcut Key

One of the small things that I liked about Workflowy was the ability to delete a tag by SHIFT+Left Mouse click.

This comes in handy when you use tags as status. For example, I often tag things with #discuss and the [[name of person]] When I am around that person I have an easy way to see what I need to discuss with them.

When I’ve completed that discussion it would be excellent if I could simply shift+click that tag to remove it.

For extra credit, you could probably imagine a feature where you could shift click to cycle through different status types when clicking a tag. discuss/done/follow-up. Or something like that.


I like the idea in principle. However, shift+click is already used to open blocks, links and tags in the right sidebar. This is a feature that I use many times every day and that should probably be kept (not only because I use it :wink: ).

So you might have to find another shortcut

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yes, the shortcut would not be able to be kept between workflowy and Logseq. I’ve updated the title to make that more clear. I should have given a different example shortcut. The main idea is to have a method of quickly deleting a tag. Thanks!

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