Delete key does not remove empty blocks when editing query result content

I observe that it is possible to edit the content of a query result item in all the normal ways except that the delete key does not remove empty blocks. Usually (i.e. outside of a query result item), if you press the delete key while the cursor is in an empty block, that block will be removed. This appears not to work when editing content of query result.

I observe this issue on MacOS, iOS, and Android (version 0.9.20 in all cases). I have also observed this issue prior to version 0.9.20 on MacOS (but didn’t explicitly test other platform prior versions and don’t know what version it was introduced).

This behavior is surprising and strange — basically, the delete key doesn’t do anything in empty blocks inside query result content, but it is certainly expected to work the same way across text editing contexts (it is the delete key after all…).

Also the Backspace key.