Desktop doesn't auto sync if nothing is edited

Does anyone use the beta sync functionality that logseq is natively providing, I’ve just setup the logseq sync services yesterday, all contents from the desktop app is syncing to the phone with no issues at all, but any thing that is added from the phone does not appear on the desktop end, unless I do some editing on the desktop app to force sync it, the desktop app doesn’t auto detect to file changes like the mobile app.

Does anyone came to similar issues before? Or does any one have any ideas on how to fix this issue?

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Overall, I’ve been finding the sync to be extremely unreliable on all devices. Half the time it just isn’t running and has a line through the sync icon, requiring me to manually click it to trigger the sync. I’ve yet to find a solution.

Edit: I’ve just updated to 0.9.4. Thus far it seems to be improved. Fingers crossed…

Edit 2: No improvement. :frowning: