Desktop: Find-in-page should move keyboard focus/cursor to search result

When I use the find-in-page feature to find text, and then close the search box, the cursor should focus on the matched text, with the matched text being selected and ready to copy or change just by typing. This is the behavior in every other text editor out there.

Almost every time I search for text, I want to interact with it, not just look at it. Having to use the mouse decreases efficiency.

I can use cmd+shift+k to find (and highlight) a block in the page, but this moves keyboard focus to the block, not to the exact text that was searched for. If I then want to copy or change the matched text, I have to use extra keystrokes or clicks to get to the matched text. I can see that it’s unfeasible to move the cursor to the exact text searched for in cmd+shift+k due to the fuzzy nature of the search, but find-in-page matches exact substrings, so moving the cursor in this case is feasible.