Desktop UI improvements

Two specific suggestions:

  1. Tooltips for all clickable icons
  2. Links, menu items, etc. should always have an icon or indicator if they are website links rather than native menu items. The user shouldn’t ever be surprised by a program launching a browser when they don’t want to do that.

In general, simple text is concise enough. Consider another roam-like, RoamEdit, where every menu option is “icon + text,” but the icons are so ugly that the whole beauty is compromised.

As for the distinction between the outer chain and the inner chain, I remember there is a distinction, the outer chain is underlined, the inner chain is not. Of course, this seems to wait for the user to discover slowly rather than immediately.

I want Logseq to have a clean UI style, and many other improvements can be made as options, plug-ins, or DIY. For functional improvements, the same strategy can be applied.

Of course, it has to be admitted that in terms of cutting-edge UI design, Logseq may venture beyond the influence of RR and explore a new, elegant, and concise UI.

“In general, simple text is concise enough.”
Are you agreeing or disagreeing with the idea of icons having tooltips?

Re: underlining, in the Windows desktop version, menu items that open weblinks are not underlined. I’m not talking about links in the pages or blocks themselves, but menu items like Help / Search Issues.

Agree. Hopefully the links in menu Items can also distinguish between the internal and the external.