(desktop, v0.4.3) Renaming not working → "page already exists!"


in version 0.4.3 I can’t no longer rename pages.
If I try, I get the error message “Page already exists!”


I just noticed that it DID rename the page - despite the error message.
After a re-index, the page appeared with its new name.

So there are two problems:

  • the error message
  • updating the index
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In version 0.4.4 I get a success message “was renamed successful”.
BUT the page is still shown with the old title.
When I try to change the title again I get an error message (which is some kind of correct).
BUT when I try to change the title to the original title (that is still shown for the page) I get no message at all. It seems to me that you can’t change the title back to what it was at the beginning. You have to re-index first to be able to rename the page back to its original name.

I also noticed that the page disappeared from the favorites lists - ist this expected?

⇒ So renaming a page is still flawed.

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