Desperate new user

I have signed in with Google because I have not received the activation email when I attempt to sign in with my regular email. I do not want to keep or use this Google associated account. I want to activate the account created with my regular email. Puzzled as to why I’m not receiving the activation email. Is there another a way I can activate the account, i.e., other than via the activation email?

I am signed in on the desktop app now. I have the iOS app on my phone. I will primarily be using logseq from it. But when signing in with Google from my phone I get the desktop view. Which doesn’t work at all. Is there a way I can switch to the iOS view when signing in with Google on the iOS app??

Welcome and sorry.

@Ramses, could you help?

Thanks. Appreciate the reference

@anon84272934 You also sent an email, right? I’m confused as to what you are referring to: are you have issues with the forum, or with the Logseq app itself?

It’d help if you can record a Loom or at least send some screenshots of what you’re seeing.

Thanks Ramses.

I am able to sign-in to the iOS app. The problem is signing onto the forum.

I created an account from the iOS app on my phone using my regular email address ( I am able to sign-in to it. When I try to login to the discussion/forum I am told I will be sent an activation email. Perhaps I was, but in many tries I could never find it. I checked my junk folder.

I desperation I signed in with my Google email address ( which I generally try to avoid using. Somehow I got the desktop/web interface instead of the iOS face. So I retreated to the web interface, again signing in with my Google address, which somehow didn’t require that I respond to an activation email.

So, I have two accounts now, the one initially created via the iOS app using my regular email, and one created with my Google address. I would like to activate the former. Possibly to cancel the later.

Any chance I can get the account associated with my regular email address (REDACTED) activated?

@anon84272934 looks like the email wasn’t going through, I’ve manually activated your account.

Let me know if you’d like me to delete your account as well :slight_smile:

Thanks, Aryan. I’ve logged on from the account you activated.
So, yes, you can delete the other account.

And thanks again.