Detect Block/Page Properties even if they are "enclosed" in Standard Markdown;

property:: value1, value2, etc doesn’t render well in Markdown if I have to share my Logseq KB files to non-Logseq team mates so I really need standard Markdown Syntax out of Logseq, while still being able to re-import the modified file in Logseq after it has been reviewed by coleagues.

We are using Null-pointing Standard Markdown Links to place Notes and Adnotations without compromising the layout of the final markdown file to be exported to PDF. These Null-pointing Standard Markdown Links look like this:

[](.Note "from-John: this paragraph should be placed inside the X section and should have the following ammendments: 1) ... 2) ... 3) ...")

Another issue I have with Logseq-Markdown is Properties. While I want and have a ton of useful use-cases for Block-Level Properties, I don’t like the way they are visible and rendered inline in any markdown editor so I would like to have a block that looks like:


  • New Block

    Block Text
  • inside-block-list-element1
  • etc

Basically I would like Logseq to use Standard Markdown for all non-standard features and this all would only be a back-end thing, everything in the frontend (in-app usage) would look the same, it would just get auto-expanded to the appropriate formula in the markdown file.

In the meantime I can use the above formula manually whenever I want to create a property and, even if tedious, I would take the effort. But Logseq will not detect properties if they are not "alone" on a line. A simple REGEX would fix it to be able to recognize the "propety:: value1, value2, etc" string even if it's enclosed in other markdown syntax.

From my point of view, Logseq would be stellar at that time.

Until then, please vote for standard markdown in the backend for Logseq, let them keep true to their promise!