Devonthink & Logseq together?

Cooud anyone explain/help on how to use Logseg and devonthink seemlessly so that notes made in either get transferred synced to each other? are there any templates available to demonstrate?

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I would also love to learn more about this.

Did you get any help on this? I’m not suceeding in making this an easy flow

I haven’t got it working smoothly either. I can keep track of all my Logseq content in DevonThink by creating an index of my local Logseq folder structure. But I find I hardly use that in my workflow. I use Hook to link to DevonThink items in my Logseq notes, and that works better but it does require a few more keypresses than I would like.
I guess that before I can start giving you a more useful answer I would need to know what exactly you are trying to achieve. Based on that, I can share with you the things I have tried myself and how that would or would not work for you.

Sorry im late to the thread but can you not just index the logseq files in DT and add all PDF / Docs to DT , copy the link in markdown when required to logseq. This was you get the benefit of all file types being available from logseq (via DT) and it also works on IOS / Mobile. I have this setup and working on syncing highlights from PDF between the two at present.

Your saying have DT index the entire Logseq folder, including assets folder, so you don’t have to worry about going back and forth?

I think this is the only solution unfortunately. I wish you could just embed DT files (images, video, PDF) via links without them having to be in the assets folder. The link method works but sometimes I want to see my content.

The major downside is that those files are just dumped into one folder. You can create a reference but I don’t belive you can create a reference if it’s not inside the main same database. ie database 1 = Logseq database 2 = my personal files - I can’t create a reference link between database 1 and 2.

In DT for example I file things in folders based on content type.