Devonthink & Logseq together?

Cooud anyone explain/help on how to use Logseg and devonthink seemlessly so that notes made in either get transferred synced to each other? are there any templates available to demonstrate?

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I would also love to learn more about this.

Did you get any help on this? I’m not suceeding in making this an easy flow

I haven’t got it working smoothly either. I can keep track of all my Logseq content in DevonThink by creating an index of my local Logseq folder structure. But I find I hardly use that in my workflow. I use Hook to link to DevonThink items in my Logseq notes, and that works better but it does require a few more keypresses than I would like.
I guess that before I can start giving you a more useful answer I would need to know what exactly you are trying to achieve. Based on that, I can share with you the things I have tried myself and how that would or would not work for you.