Difference between refresh and re-index?

I am pretty new to logseq and i am confused about the difference between refresh and re-index but i don’t seem to find any information anywhere that tells me the difference? So basically my question is how does logseq save changes to my local logseq folder? Say i delete a page does logseq then update the MD file in my folder automatically?

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My understanding is this … when you start you create a bunch of MD files in your graph.
Logseq keeps a database (datalog ??) based on those MD files and you effectively work on that database when you work in Logseq. Changes in the database reflect also in the MD files.

When you edit files with another editor the md files and the database differ. You can remedy that by using re-fresh. It looks for externally edited files and re-parses those?

Sometimes something is wrong in the ‘sync’ between MD files and database and you do a re-index that parses all files all over again. Effectively recreating the database.

And then there is also an “empty cache” option that falls somewhere in between I think?

But as you can see at the number of question marks I am not 100% sure if I said it correctly. Love to hear from somebody if I am (almost) right :slight_smile: