Different apps for different stages in the knowledge lifecycle

I recall seeing a post where there was a very nice summary of different stages in the knowledge lifecycle (e.g. quick capture, consolidation, synthesis, etc.), and how the poster used different apps for different stages in that lifecycle (e.g. OneNote, Todoist, Logseq, Google Keep/Apple Notes, etc.).

However, after searching for close to an hour across the forums and logseq times, I wasn’t able to locate that post. It’s a bit of a long shot, but does anyone happen to know and have the link to the post I’m talking about?


Thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunately, I saw that previously and it isn’t the post… I recall that the post had the icons of the apps in question

I think I’ve found at least one of it: Logseq Times 2023-04-29: Logseq 0.9.4, Logseq OpenAI / ChatGPT, Sync, Super-tags, Corporate Usage and more
(scroll down to the part about C.O.D.E.)