Different custom themes for day and night each

I’m using LogSeq now for such a long time, I’m surprised it seems this didn’t come up yet in the issue tracker and here, and it is related to requests like Turn "dark" theme into "logseq" theme and add proper dark theme, yet may come to a different conclusion.

Which brings us to the point. In fact,

as a LogSeq user, I need to set different themes for night and day, in order to benefit from a writing experience that is customised to my visual convention throughout the day.

Sometimes the dark variant of a theme isn’t adapted at all, or the theme is already only a dark one, and I would like to accompagny it with another style that suits my usage better. For some, as in the post above, this can be a Black theme, and for others Sepia during the day, and Dracula during the night.

Maybe a mischevious filter could even allow to select which variant (day, night; is it even possible to consider more, like with font styles?) of a theme I would like to have applied by preference.

This way I could use a dark, if any, theme variant during the day, and a light, plus maybe possible others, during the night, if I would like to do so.

Some operating systems will sync their dark mode setting based on time. I think I saw that as an option in Ubuntu. If you configure Logseq to use the system setting, maybe that will achieve what you are looking for?

For windows users there are ways you can schedule a task to change the dark mode = https://www.howtogeek.com/809031/how-to-schedule-dark-mode-on-windows-11/

For Linux you’d want to configure a cron job to run daily at whatever times. For gnome you can use gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface color-scheme prefer-dark to set it to dark mode and i’m assuming prefer-light to switch back to light mode. Link = https://askubuntu.com/questions/1405961/how-to-set-dark-light-mode-from-the-gnome-session-in-ubuntu-22-04

I’m happy with the order in which day and night arrive through the day.

The suggestion here is to configure alternative themes for each of the cases.

The option of “mischevious” kind was only a suggestion for more complex use cases.

The primary intent is to set different themes for day and night.

Let’s forget about the variants for now.

On GNOME I’m accustomed to have the Night Theme Switcher - GNOME Shell Extensions take care of what you describe.