Disambiguation page for aliases

Is it possible to have different pages that would naturally have the same alias:
“For example, we use AI as an alias for Artificial Intelligence. However, AI could also stand for many other terms, such as Adobe Illustrator, Amnesty International or Air India etc.”
Alias negatives

It would be very useful to have Logseq handling this situation with disambiguation pages: if an alias is referenced once, it can automatically redirect to the only page referencing it.
If otherwise it is referenced more than once, a list with all the titles of the pages referencing it could be displayed.

This would avoid users to have to alias the pages in ways that avoids the conflicts or force them to create ad-hoc pages that replace the alias, e.g. a page called “AI (disambiguation)” with the “ai” alias.

I know this raises some problems, especially in handling aliases in page references, e.g. [[ai]].

It is also (very) possible that I’m missing something on how Logseq is supposed to behave and being used, and then all this question is nonsense.

Welcome. Have you considered namespaces? Things like these:

  • [[tech/AI]]
  • [[app/AI]]
  • [[air/AI]]