Discord ban appeal

I regained control of my main email account after a certain vindictive family member thoroughly abused it. She managed to get me banned from reddit and a number of discord servers and forums, not to mention leaving me with the task of writing apology letters to a lot of people. Tsk tsk tsk. I was hoping I could rejoin the Logseq Discord server but it seems to recognise me via my IP no matter which email I use, work or personal. Is there any way around this? I only really use Discord for asking quick questions. If no, then no, but I thought I’d at least ask. Apparently discord bans last a year, and I have so many burning questions about custom commands

Only an administrator can address that.

  • If it is Logseq-specific, try contacting @Ramses.
  • If it is about the whole Discord, try let us know (probably “Hacked Account”) in their support.
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Done! Thank you so much for tagging me @mentaloid :pray:

I’ll close this topic as the issue has been solved.

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