Discord Issues / Matrix Bridge?

I have been using Logseq for some time and sometimes there are some questions I want to ask which aren’t really suited towards the Forum (or have been asked on the forum and are stale).

I tried to find a Logseq community room on Matrix (without any success).

Given that there seems to be a very active Discord community, I decided to sign up (although in general I really dislike Discord due to their Privacy Policy + usage of user data) and am immediately hit by Discord’s phone verification. I am not going to give Discord my phone number, so I now am completely unable to interact with the largest Logseq community.

The Discord community has 7x the number of members and 500+ online (as of right now), compared to how inactive this forum is, this seems like the only real way to interact with the community, and due to Discord policies/anti-spam there is no easy way to sign up/interact without providing PII.

Would it be possible to create a Matrix->Discord bridge so there is at least some way for privacy conscious users to interact with the main community? Or would there be any interest in a Matrix Space/room for Logseq?


Hello. The Discord is by far the most active place for discussions and asking any questions. There are already a number of communities (Discourse, Discord, Reddit, Twitter) and I am sure the team would like to avoid having another too many dotted around as these take up a lot of time to manage and moderate. Having said this, would you please be able to post a link to Matrix (I have never heard of it) so that I can see what can be done.


I don’t know about Matrix but I am in a similar situation as you. I have avoided Discord until now, but was willing to create an account for the Logseq community.

This was not possible because an automatic “security system” prevents the account from being created. I have contacted support - but they say there is nothing they can do.

So I am also locked out from this community and use the forum.

But I hope that the devs also read the bug reports here - otherwise it makes little sense to report problems here. Some questions stay unanswered but luckily there are quite some users in the forum willing to invest their time and help.

I’m not sure if we need another community platform, but maybe the forum - which already exists - can be used more actively?

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afaik you can sign up on Discord using only an email account, I’ve never had to provide my phone number.

I can confirm that this is possible - I know people in person who created an account without a phone number.
BUT, it is not possible for all of us. For some logins, an automatic security system sounds an alarm and then logging in without a phone number is no longer possible.

According to Discord support, there’s nothing they can do about it - tough luck.

Matrix <> Discord bridge will be two-way I believe, so the mods will not have to be present on Matrix themselves to communicate with Matrix users. Similarly, Matrix users do not need to sign-up on Discord. Two different platforms but a simple seamless bridge.

@ChrisVn oh, thanks for the clarification I wasn’t aware that was a thing :slight_smile:

@Ed_Nico some related links :

I don’t know what is the better bridge… maybe OP would know ? @kraftnix

Hi, using Matrix doesn’t prevent you from having users from Discord too. As others have pointed out, Matrix is a protocol and is meant to solve the fragmentation of chat platform.

Also Logseq is FOSS but most FOSS projects used IRC and recently Matrix while still supporting IRC. On the other hand Discord is for gaming, it’s proprietary, not privacy-oriented and with other problems.

Again, adopting Matrix means continuing to use also Discord (and IRC, Telegram or whatever) but bridged together.

Some organizations that currently use Matrix include Mozilla, KDE, GNOME, OpenSUSE and many others FOSS communities plus some public institutions.

Also notice that since Matrix is a protocol, many clients exist (like email clients) so people can choose full-featured ones like Element or minimal ones or command-line ones or native ones (like KDE’s NeoChat or GNOME’s Fractal).

Not to mention Matrix is not only for chat but is basically a decentralized database with ACL included. You can build any kind of decentralized app with it, even social networks, comment sections for websites or collaborative editing.

For Logseq, Matrix could be interesting even to build collaborative features with it in a decentralized way.