Discord versus Discuss - which is the better platform?

Hi Guys, did I read somewhere you are looking at which of these two platforms is the most useful?

I would like to argue to keep the Discuss platform.

Currently listening to Ramses Town Hall linked from Newsletter No6, he mentions he sees the same questions get asked over and over on Discord, with the same answers.

I find the Discord interface a nightmare. I just need to run away from it lol. So busy, so hard to find the info I want. And, I don’t believe I have ADHD, but as Ramses argues the Logseq interface is good to work with, as you can hide the areas you don’t need to see through the outliner, the Discord interface is the complete opposite.

So yeah, please focus on the Discuss forum.

That’s my take on it, warm wishes, Smithy.

Totally agreed :+1:

Discord is more for instant messaging instead of archivable and indexable topics.


Discord is also a privacy nightmare and bad at security (for example on Linux it uses an ancient version of Electron).

Discord is a proprietary service and can change its ToS at any time. On the other hand Discourse (the platform used here) is Free and Open Source software that anyone can self host. Logseq is hosting it at discuss.logseq.com independently from the Discourse developers.


Discuss is better, but Discord is simpler (to use). People like chat-interfaces. The idea is to put more answers and content here, and help people look in Discuss more often. But Discord is still very popular, and it would be counterproductive to alienate users who have questions.

Absolutely! So even though I find it a nightmare, I guess the better solution is to retain both. Then people can go to the one they prefer. Sorted lol.

Next question would be, how much extra work is it for Admin to retain and manage both?