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I got this message and I don’t get any email notifications:

However my email appears to be my email address, so I’m not sure what the issue is.

Most probably your email provider’s system thinks that Logseq’s notifications are spam (maybe you got too many notifications recently). In that case, should either:

  • Check with your email provider.
  • Use an email address from a different provider.

Maybe @Ramses could look at the log, any reset option, and the bounce score threshold.

What email address is used for the notifications?

  • If you mean the recipient, it is whichever address you have provided to the system.
  • If you mean the sender, it is noreply@discuss.logseq.com

Thanks for tagging me @mentaloid. What you describe is indeed the problem; some email providers don’t like our domain that much somehow, so they block emails coming from the forum.

@sdasda7777 the easiest way to avoid more messages like these is to disable email notifications from this forum. Down the line I also want to move forum/email hosts, but for that I need @tienson’s help, which is not going to happen now as he’s neck-deep in rewriting Logseq’s core architecture.

@sdasda7777 please let me know if I can help you in any way. Feel free to DM me.

EDIT: Moved this topic to the appropriate subforum.

Yes, I meant the sender, thank you.

I’ll try asking my email provider what’s going on. Actually, is there a way to trigger an email notification somehow, or something like that, so that I could check later whether it works?

Actually, I ran the site through MX Lookup Tool, and I think it would get better if you included SPF record in your DNS record. Without that I believe SMTP servers can’t check whether the email was really sent by your or whether it was spoofed, so it’s understandably a red flag.

Thank you! I don’t have access to our domain management, but I’ve pinged @tienson to fix this ASAP.

This explains why we’ve been heaving so many issues with email delivery from the forum. Thank you for bringing this up!

I just got word back from @tienson that we use Mailgun for sending forum emails, and there a SPF record has been setup and runs on a dedicated IP. Our service there has a delivery rate of 95.92%, but with some domain names it does have issues. We’re further investigating the issue, and in the meanwhile have added this to the confirmation screen for new users:

Thank you again for bringing this up and helping us dig into the issue :pray:

Hmm, interesting. In that case I think you should most definitely set the SPF record because that sounds like you are, in fact, spoofing the emails yourselves. (In other words you should authorize Mailgun (their domain, most likely?) to send emails for (as in “by”, not as in “to”) logseq.com by including them in logseq.com’s SPF record.)

Where can I find this option to resend the email? :sweat_smile:

No, we don’t spoof the domain; we use a subdomain for sending (as Mailgun recommends).

What email do you want to have resent?

Could you explain what exactly you mean by that? There is no SPF record for “logseq.com” nor “discuss.logseq.com”, so if you’re sending from “noreply@discuss.logseq.com”, there is either no SPF, or you’re spoofing, either case being a red flag :sweat_smile:

Well, I don’t see any email from logseq.com in my inbox at all, so I assume my email is not confirmed? :sweat_smile:

I’m sorry, I’m not really familiar with Discuss :sweat_smile:
I’m guessing you’re not getting notifications unless I reply to you or explicitly ping you? :sweat_smile:

I can’t because I don’t manage our domain records. I’ve asked Tienson to look at it.

Your account and email are confirmed, but as discussed in this thread our host has issues delivering emails to your address.

I just got an email notification! :smile: Not sure it wasn’t something my provider did, though, so I’m not celebrating yet :sweat_smile:

Actually I’m not sure if it wasn’t there before, but I just noticed discuss.logseq.com seems to be on some blacklists, maybe that could be another part of the issue? :thinking:

I just reset the bounce score on your forum account, which could have helped. I think that when your bounce score gets too high (because your email host refuses the emails), the forum software stops sending emails.

Thank you for digging into this! I’ll notify @tienson.

Hmm, might not actually be relevant, but how do you even know the email “bounced”? Do you mean by that you check for “Mailer Daemon: Undeliverable” reply? I’m not an expert in this topic, but I actually don’t think it makes sense for the provider to reply with that to spam emails :thinking: