Display the section of metadata in default

While using logseq combines with Emacs org-roam mode we have some metadata such as #+Roam_tags or #+Roam_key, if I create a new note in logseq I need to switch to raw file to input them then switch back to edit the note for more visualization and after switch back it display the metadata section. Could we make it display metadata as default to that we don’t need to switch back and forth?

lol, the reason we decided to hide the metadata because a lot of people find it’s boring to display the title attribute in the top block. We’re working to improving the UX for the page properties area, do you think a configuration option like page/show-properties-by-default? working for you?

:sweat_smile: I guess that depends on the use case then.

Yep anything that can improve the workflow would work for me

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I have a related concern. I would like to be able to show certain metadata attributes under the page name in the Linked References section. These would be custom metadata attributes. A configuration option which lets me specify the names of the attributes I would like to show would be fine.

I think “/” dash commands for adding properties would be a good workflow for me so I don’t need to remember all kinds of property names and formats (currently only alias and tag).

An even better solution is: backend is still the text-based properties format but front-end is notion-like colorful multi-tags so I can add, edit and delete these button-like aliases and tags, etc. That would be nice for many non-professional users.