Display today and tomorrow journal page

Hi! I’ve started used this awesome app few months ago, and definitely is my daily life note taking app as I am currently studying medicine. I’ve set a kind of dashboard page, where I have the topics of the semester and notes about some subjects, and I want to display the today and tomorrow page, in my dashboard page, as a kind of daily planner, in which I can review the todos for the current and the next day.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance <3

You may use the following queries:

  • Display the journal page of the day
    {{query (and (page <% today %>))}}
  • Display the journal page of yesterday
    {{query (and (page <% yesterday %>))}}

Bonus, if you want to display both at the same time with a single query, this should do:
{{query (or(page <% yesterday %>) (page <% today %>))}}

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Thank you a lot :heart:, it works perfectly!

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