Displaying block timestamps

I often look at my writing and want to know when I wrote something. You can have Logseq record timestamps, but its hard to see them.

So I did a little hack that displays them. See below. I’m thinking of making this a plugin but I’m not sure how possible that is, since it changes the block display code and I don’t think there is a hook for plugins for that.

You definitely can achieve that via plugin. But not with a hook.
Example of the same functionality is here.

PS Which font do you use?

How do you get the timestamps to show?

I’m running from Logseq source and patching the block display (I can share the code if you are interested).

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That plugin was kind of obnoxious and closed source, I couldn’t get it to do anything useful. Although I guess it shows its possible to do what I want.

Font is EB Garamond


Your idea of showing a timestamp, created AND last edited, on the side would be an interesting thing to be able to toggle on the fly.

Also, Logseq doesn’t seem to offer any information when hovering over blocks. Does anybody know if date/time created and/or date/time last edited could be configured, via plugin or otherwise, as to display by hovering over a block or right clicking on it (displayed on the right click menu like OneNote does?

All this functionality would be a marvelous plugin for power journal users and writers.

PS. Agree with the sentiment. Closed source plugin? Instant no.

Yes, it was proof of concept. Sorry for inconveniences.

The idea is to write timestamp to property (via plugin api), hide this property (via css) and show the value of property near the block (probably via css OR via js and accessing DOM).

Logseq has info about block created and last edited date & time. BUT it resets it on graph re-index.
It is better to wait for new database version, which makes re-index unnecessary. So we can rely on built-in created and last edited date & time.

PPS thanks for a font :pray:

Ah, I see. That’s not for me, but I appreciate you bringing up this topic.

Do you still use this? Any you could provide the code / plugin for it?

Here’s the (very minimal) code This is a minimal implementation of visible block timestamps. by mtravers · Pull Request #2 · mtravers/logseq · GitHub

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