Displaying elapsed time in NOW TODOs?

I would like the TODOs in my NOW journal query to show the elapsed time in days since each of them was created. Just like completed TODOs show the time from created to completed - but in this case for uncompleted TODOs, from created to today.

I am dabbling in advanced queries, but I can’t find anything that applies to this. It’s looking far too involved, plus I suspect that I’ll have to play with CSS too… right?

Any pointer, hint, help?

So the elapsed time in a completed task is actually calculated only once.
There’s a Logbook feature (hidden) in the task that notes when a task has started, ended and then the time calculated.

For example

When a task is in a state of NOW or DOING (depending on chosen workflow) it will just have filled type and start.

Therefore there is no (easy) way to get the elapsed time.

PS. This is all just as plain text in the :block/content attribute.

I see. Oh well, I’ll do without it. Thank you!