Do arrow keys not scroll text?

Suppose I’m in a multi-paragraph block. If part of the block is at the top of my screen, and I use arrow keys to move the cursor up from there, I find that the text doesn’t scroll to keep up with the cursor. The cursor disappears. I have to use the mouse to scroll to find it.

The same is true if the cursor is at the bottom and I use the down arrow key.

How do I make the text scroll with the cursor, or is this a bug?

Seems to be fine for me?

Doesn’t work if the text is all part of one big block. Create a single block with a couple of pages and you will see.

(Also, how are you uploading your screen recording? I took but one but the upload button in this window doesn’t allow me to select it).

yes, can confirm.

I uploaded the mp4 to Droplr and just pasted its link here.