Do not do spell check in code blocks


Apparently fd is not a wrong word which needs to be corrected, It is a command and should not be spell checked.

Single backticks don’t create a code block, they only add a monospace markup inline. When you’re in block editing mode, spell check will do its job if you have it enabled. However, in an actual code block, the spell checker isn’t enabled.

A code block is created using six backticks, with three backticks on each line (Shift-Enter to create a new line in the same block):

Optionally, you can add the language to get syntax highlighting:
``` css

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Thank you for your reply!

I think it should be called a code block (at least inline code block).
I used pandoc to convert a markdown file.

as you can see, the produced html file wrapped “test” in a tag.

And I think writing simple code in inline code/monospace markup is a common demand, so…

I’m not familiar with pandoc myself so I can’t comment on that. But single backticks are wrapped by a <pre> tag because it’s ultimately just markup: Basic Syntax | Markdown Guide

We’ll see by how many votes this request gathers. But just keep in mind that we keep to the GitHub-flavored Markdown as much as possible and that there’s no such thing as an inline code block in Markdown AFAIK.

Thank you! I have not realized LogSeq use GitHub-flavored markdown before. but it seems that github has such a thing called code span… GitHub Flavored Markdown Spec

nevermind, this is just a minor complaint.