Do you have to create at least one local graph on your mobile app to be able to use sync?

It seems like it, and seems like it might be a bug. I created a graph on my Mac, synced it, and then downloaded the iOS app. But there was no option to sync with my remote graph. It wasn’t clear whether I had to create a new graph on the iOS device that would then be synced, or what…

Only when I created a local graph on my iPhone did I get the option to switch to the remote graph at all, and I realized that the local iPhone graph had really been created for nothing.

Am I wrong about this? If not, how can I add this as a bug fix? Thanks.

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I just did my first sync between MacBook Pro and iPad last evening for the first time (1-28-2023), and I created the exact same name logseq graph and folder on each device before I started. On the iOS device (my iPad) i made sure that the logseq graph was stored in a Logseq folder “on the device” and not on the cloud drive. When I installed logseq on mobile iOS, it automatically created the graph in a Logseq folder in my iCloud Drive, but I created my graph on the device, and I deleted the iCloud Logseq folder. Everything went smoothly and sync is still functioning well. I am very impressed at how easy and how well the logseq sync works. It seems easy and seamless - so far, so good.