Do you put full stop at the end of each block's sentence if it's the only sentence in a block?

Just like the title says.
For example, if I have this sentence, would you put full stop (.) at the end?

  • No hard rule
    • There is no universally recognized rule on this matter.
      • For sure Logseq doesn’t enforce any.
  • Go for consistency
    • Could adopt the following soft rules:
      • Treat full-stops the same way as you do exclamation marks and question marks.
        • All those marks are not separators, they are stops (with a few exceptions).
          • Therefore, it doesn’t matter if another sentence follows or not.
          • This is in contrast to commas and semicolons, which always need a sentence after them.
            • Some programming languages abuse this.
      • Full sentences:
        • get a full-stop
        • should be statements, carrying a complete meaning
          • A sentence without a full stop:
            • is unfinished, its meaning is incomplete
            • needs to be combined with sentences before or after
      • No full-stop for partial sentences
        • Partial sentences don’t get a full stop.
          • It would be misleading.
      • No full-stop for titles, slogans, banners and the likes
        • They are rarely full sentences.
          • Some sub-titles can be.

Hint: Notice the usage of full-stops (or lack of them) in the above bullets.

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Thank you for detailed reply.
I agree; the consistency is key. I’ve been lazy, and haven’t put any thought into how should I punctuate my notes, so I kept consistent and haven’t used any fulls stops at the end of sentences if it’s just 1 sentence in a block. But I started thinking - if I were to import my notes into other apps, I would have to punctuate them properly, so better address it now.

Do you follow these rules yourself?

Trying to. But I am new to this like everyone.

Just note: you could use Missing Commands plugin here with its commands Split by sentences & Join as sentences.


2024-02-19 23.38.07

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Wow, that’s a sick plugin with so many feature. I briefly looked over it and it looks very useful.

By the way, what is that theme in your screenshot?

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This is Bullet Journals theme