Does native Logseq Sync still expose files for read/write access on local filesystem?

I am dependent on tightly-synchronized editing across two Macs, an iPhone, and an iPad, so I have been reticent to invest in Logseq until it has a more native sync engine that will be less prone to sync conflicts requiring manual resolution or inducing data loss. It’s exciting to see the native sync service launching for backers last week.

Now that people are using it, I am wondering: with native Logseq Sync, will files still be exposed on the local filesystem? Will it still support direct editing of those files by outside apps?

One of the advantages of Logseq over alternatives in my workflows is also the ability to work simultaneously with my data in outside apps and tools. Using the traditional plain-file local storage, Logseq plays quite well with external edits, reflecting them in real-time. I’m curious if this is lost or degraded when using the new native Logseq Sync.

Yes, files are still integrated with the main file system :slight_smile:
It still uses markdown in the backend, just syncs those files better across devices.

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