[DONE] Better Quick Capture


I was hoping that LogSeq might be able to implement a global quick capture function. My general idea would be to be able to type ctrl+space as a global shortcut from any application and pop up a small window that allows me to type in the home screen (either the daily journal or the home page). You already have the element that I would summon which is when you hover over a page and can type inside of it. A few other applications do this already:

  • See the Quick Entry section here
  • Mem.ai also has something similar.

Yep, this would be great!

In the meantime, and if you’re a Mac+Alfred person, I’ve made a workflow that helps with this:

(I’m sure there are alternatives to every other platform, but I don’t know them.)



This plugin seems to fit the bill:

It even has a keyboard shortcut.

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We have quick capture URL now feat(electron): impl quick capture x-callback-url by andelf · Pull Request #5721 · logseq/logseq · GitHub

I don’t think this is “[DONE]”… the quick capture callback is great, but the original suggestion was to have global hotkeys - which would be amazing.

This can be done in Obsidian with this plugin: GitHub - mjessome/obsidian-global-hotkeys: Global hotkey support for Obsidian.md
And then hit Cmd-\ or Ctrl-Space (your choice) in any other application, and Obsidian comes to the front, e.g. on the Journal page.


I would like to implement the quick capture API into Windows PowerToys (call search bar from anywhere hitting ALT+SPACEBAR)…

Any suggestion where to begin if this is possible?

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Late, but I just came across this discussion today.

I too use both Logseq and Powertools so I looked up the code to see if I could find anything and it seems the code for the plugins are here: PowerToys/src/modules/launcher/Plugins at main · microsoft/PowerToys · GitHub

Also there is a label in the issue tracker for issues related to PowerToys Run, here is a direct link to a prefiltered view of these: Issues · microsoft/PowerToys · GitHub

Don’t use PowerToys, but I’d look at the source code of the existing extensions for RayCast and Alfred as a starting point.

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i use command+N global hotkey with Raycast to send a note to the journal. works well.