[DONE by Plugin] Right to Left Language Support

Please add Right To Left support for Languages Like Persian in Logseq.

I would like to ask for a fully RTL support.

I tried Notion, Remnote, obsidian … etc
Ofc you can try some extensions or css to work around the limitations. However I don’t feel comfortable using them.

I want one app where I can write and connect my ideas in RTL while being able to mix RTL with LTR.

hi still there is no support on RTL?

Hi, afraid not. The Devs are focusing on usability and stability at the moment together with mobile apps.

This is very important
This makes the app accessible to millions of new users

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Please add Right to Left Language support this will help the app reach a bigger audience like arabs

What a pity. No RTL is a major shortcoming. Leaving aside full RTL UI for now, RTL in editing makdown files shouldn’t be a major hurdle and could bring many new users onboard.

There is an RTL mode plugin that can accomplish some of what your needs may entail.

Sounds nice. Can you send me a link and also where I can learn about how to incorporate plugins?

is there shortcut for this great plugin?

Just added one, you just need to update the plugin using mod+shift+t.
You can customise this in plugin settings.